Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 (21 Volumes)

London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1st. Cloth. 21 miscellaneous volumes of this vast --and very impressive-- series, spanning the critical years 1919-1939. All 21 volumes clean and Near Fine and all but one in their original dustjackets, which are uniformly bright and VG+ (or better). All but 3 of the 21 volumes are 1st edtions and all but 4 of them have their original dustjacket prices intact. Thick octavos, literally thousands and thousands of pages. The volumes are as follows: First Series-- (Volume IX): German Affairs 1920; (Volume X): German Affairs and Plebiscite Problems 1920; (Volume XIII): The Near and Middle East January 1920-March 1921; (Volume XX): German Reparation and Allied Military Control 1922/Russia, March 1921-December 1922; (Volume XXI): German Reparation and Allied Military Control 1923; (Volume XXV): Rusia 1923-25/Poland and the Baltic States 1924-25; (Volume XXVI): Central Europe and the Balkans 1924/German Reparation and Allied Military Control 1924; Series 1A-- (Volume II): The Termination of Military Control in Germany/Middle Eastern and American Questions 1926-7; (Volume VI): The Young Report and the Hague Conference: Security Questions 1928-9; (Volume VII): German, Austrian and Middle Eastern Questions 1929-1930; Second Series-- (Volume I); (Volume IV): 1932-3; (Volume V): 1933; (Volume XII): European Affairs August 1934-April 1935; (Volume XIII): Naval Policy and Defence Requirements July 1934-March 1936; (Volume XIV): The Italo-Ethiopian Dispute March 1934-October 1935; (Volume XV): The Italo-Ethiopian War and German Affairs October 1935-February 1936; (Volume XVI): The Rhineland Crisis and the Ending of Sanctions March-July, 1936: (Volume XIX): European Affairs July 1937-August 1938; Third Series-- (Volume II): 1938; and (Volume X): Index. Collectible; Fine / Fine. Item #7876

Price: $750.00

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